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  1. Praziquantel

    Praziquantel is a medication used to treat a number of types of infections caused by parasitic worms. This medication is taken by mouth and used specifically for clonorchiasis, opisthorchiasis, schistosomiasis, tapeworm infections, cysticercosis, hydatid disease, and other fluke infections. The dosage should be taken as prescribed by the doctor and is not recommended for use during breastfeeding. It belongs to the anthelmintic class of medications and works partly by affecting the function of the worm's sucker. Some temporary side effects like poor coordination, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, and allergic reactions may occur.
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  2. imidocarb powder

    Imidocarb is a urea derivative used in veterinary medicine as an antiprotozoal agent for the treatment of infection with Babesia and other parasites. Imidocarb dipropionate is a drug used to treat infections caused by protozoa. Sometimes imidocarb dipropionate is used for the treatment of ehrlichiosis in dogs, hepatozoonosis in dogs, cytaxzoonosis in cats, and babesiosis in cats.
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